TEN YEARS AGO, scientists developed a new method to test for oral diseases, such as periodontal disease. This method is called OralDNA testing, and it enables us to spot these diseases much earlier than we could before and offer treatment that is tailor-made for individual patients.

What’s So Important About Early Diagnosis?

Gum disease is a condition where the tissues that surround the teeth become inflamed due to infection by certain types of bacteria in the mouth. Dentists call gum disease periodontitis, and is measured by the depth to which they can advance a probe into the space between the gums and the tooth. This technique is called the pocket depth. The deeper the pocket, the worse the gum disease. Testing for the specific types of bacteria that cause gum infections and the resulting inflammation helps dentists better know how to precisely treat gum disease.

Tooth loss is a consequence of advanced gum disease. The problem begins with infection that resides in the space between the teeth and gums (periodontium). As the infection worsens, the body responds with needed but sometimes destructive inflammation due to selected type of bacteria. Over time, the ligament that attaches a tooth to the underlying jaw bones, is loosened and may even dissolve, which results in the loosening of that tooth. Managing the gum infection, first by testing for the specific bacteria involved, and then having your dentist tailoring the specific treatment, will prevent tooth loss.

Why OralDNA?

  • Find hidden oral pathogens that threaten your oral and systemic health. Common pathogens directly cause gum disease and may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and birth complications
  • Learn if you were born with gene markers associated with increased inflammation, a critical factor in the severity of periodontitis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Help your provider select the most effective treatment if you already have periodontal disease, and then measure treatment results with a follow-up test
  • Learn if you have HPV high-risk types associated with oral cancer

Get Your OralDNA Results!

If you’re concerned that you might be developing gum disease, schedule an appointment with us so we can do your OralDNA test! It’s easy, it’s safe, and it gives us the most accurate results possible, which means we can give you the specific treatment you need! If you have further questions about how OralDNA works and what it could do for you, just let us know!

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